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Do any of your policies cover the excess on a hire car or van?

A: No. They are designed to cover the excess payments on your own car insurance policy, home, or travel insurance policy (depending on the type of policy you choose).

I am thinking of increasing my excess on my insurance policies to reduce my premiums and then purchasing an Excess Protect policy. Is this a good idea?

A: Ultimately the choice of what excess you have on your insurance policies is yours. By increasing your excess and then buying an Excess Protect policy is more than likely going to save you money even if you don't need to make a claim. The one thing to remember though is that My Excess Protected will pay out when one of your insurance policies does.

Do I need comprehensive motor insurance to purchase any of your policies?

A: No you can still purchase this product if you have third party fire and theft cover.

How long does the cover last?

A: 12 months and then it can be renewed.

If I have a claim how long do I have before I should report it?

A: Within 30 days of the incident occurring

How many claims can I make in each year?

A: As many as you like up to your cover limit.

What do you mean by cover limit?

A: When you get a quote you have the option of choosing the level of excess protection you want. Lets say your excess on your motor insurance policy is £250. If choose to buy the £250 excess protection you would be able to claim once during the year. However if you choose the £500 excess protection this would allow you to have two claims during the year.

What happens if I want to advise you of any changes during the term of my policy?

A: Please contact us by phone or email with your query.

What happens if I change my car, can my policy be transferred?

A: Yes it can. An administration charge of £10 will apply.

I've just had to pay my excess following a claim on one of my insurance policies can I purchase Excess Protect and make a claim

A: No, we will not cover any claim occurring before the start date of this policy. Please also read the question on “waiting period”.

Does the policy have a waiting period before cover starts?

A: Yes the policy has a 14 day waiting period. This means any claim that occurs within the first 14 days of your policy starting will not be covered. The waiting period will not apply if this policy is a renewal with us or you are purchasing a policy from us within 14 days of your Main Insurance Policy (I.e. your motor or home insurance policy)

Motor Excess Protect:

Does the policy cover fault claims?

A: Yes, Theft, Road Traffic Accidents, Fire and Accidental Damage

Does the policy cover non-fault claims i.e. when someone crashes into me?

A: Yes, but only if a recovery has not been made from the third party after 6 months from the date of the accident.

My vehicle has been damaged but I don't want to make a claim under my motor insurance policy can I still claim under my Motor Excess Protect policy?

A: No. Motor Excess Protect will only respond when you have made a valid claim under your motor insurance policy and the damage to your vehicle has breached the level of excess on your motor policy.

Does the policy include windscreen or glass claims?

A: No

My Excess on my motor policy is £500 what cover limit should I buy?

A: The choice is completely yours. If you purchased £500 Excess Protection you would be able to make one claim during your policy period. If you purchased £1000 Excess Protection you would be able to make two claims during your policy period.

What should I do if my motor insurance policy has a young driver excess applied when my son or daughter drives my vehicle?

A: You should take in to consideration whether there are any special terms, excesses or young driver excesses that may be applicable to your motor policy and look to purchase a level of excess protection that would cover a claim in the event it was your son or daughter driving at the time.

How does the above work if I have different excesses according to who is driving the vehicle at the time?

A: Lets say a parent purchases £1000 of excess protection. This is because the parents' excess is £300 but it increases to a £1,000 when their son drives the vehicle. If the parent has a claim which goes through their insurance company and the cost of the damage exceeds £300 then £300 excess will be paid. In the event the son has a claim and the total claim damage against the motor insurer exceeds £1,000, payment of the £1000 excess will be made. Remember though if the damage came to £500 and the son was driving the vehicle no claim could be made as the damage did not exceed the excess on the motor insurance policy.

If the parents choose to protect the £300 policy excess; in the event of a claim occurring where the son is the driver and the total claim exceeds £1,000 via the motor insurer then the excess insurance will pay £300 towards the £1,000 young drivers excess.

Lifestyle Excess Protect

How many vehicles will this policy cover?

A: 5

I have 3 vehicles but 1 of them is registered to another address will this be covered?

A: No. All vehicles have to be registered and insured to your home address.

I am purchasing a single trip travel insurance policy for a 2 week holiday will this policy cover the excess if I need to make claim?

A: No. Lifestyle excess will cover the excess under an annual travel insurance policy but not under a single trip travel insurance policy.